About SnapShot

Each day, hotels collect loads of data—from their PMS, reservation systems, benchmarking and pricing resources, social media, and more—and each day, they’re left to sort through that mountain of data, searching for a nugget of actionable information.

Well, it’s 2016. The age of “Big Data” and “The Internet of Everything.” It should be easy for hotels to understand their data and make intelligent and informed decisions for their business, yet it’s not. Instead, hoteliers are left with unwieldy spreadsheets, information overload, and irrelevant, static data. We had to do something about that.


In Berlin, SnapShot founders David Turnbull and Michael Heinze assembled an international team of industry insiders, united under the simple goal of making it easier to manage hotels.

Enter SnapShot Analytics

Analytics is SnapShot’s flagship product. A cloud-based hotel analytics tool that presents a comprehensive overview of your hotel data on a powerful yet intuitive dashboard. Learn more about Analytics here. It’s quickly becoming an essential tool for any hotel management team, whether they have three-thousand rooms or thirty.

From Berlin to the world

Collaborating with a handful of highly innovative hotel chains, SnapShot developed Analytics into an essential tool, ready to be shared with the larger hospitality world. This led them to working with STR, who in turn contributed a major seed investment. Continued growth and wide-angle vision led SnapShot to Shiji Networks who invested a further 25 million in 2015.

SnapShot has since expanded from their Berlin home to The U.K., France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, and Poland, with plans to expand further in Europe and to China this year.

In December 2015, former Google executive Stefan Tweraser joined SnapShot as CEO, placing SnapShot’s at the forefront of the hotel analytics game, and priming the company for big things in 2016.

The industry is evolving

It’s a pivotal moment in time for the hospitality industry. Data already drives the rest of the tech world, and hospitality tech is rapidly playing catch up. OTAs and the like are collecting as much data as they can to stay ahead of the competition, and many hoteliers are intimidated by the complex technology and jargon involved.

We believe hoteliers should have a right to their data, and a right to use it intelligently. That’s why we built SnapShot Analytics. It’s time to put data back in the hands of hoteliers.

Well, it’s been an amazing start, but we’re just getting warmed up. It’s time to make data and analytics work for hotels of every size.

Stay tuned to watch the story unfold.