Demand Management Bootcamp @ Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne

Ecole Hoteliere De Lausanne, Switzerland

Monday, Oct 31, 2016 - Friday, Nov 4, 2016

9:00 am
Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne
18 Route de Cojonnex
Lausanne, VD, 1000


SnapShot is leading an exciting hotel demand management bootcamp at Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne.

During the 5-day program and interactive case study, you will be challenged to break down the often conflicting commercial silos of a hotel organisation and identify opportunities to increase long-term asset value and short term profit optimization via effective planning, generation, and optimization of demand.

SnapShot’s Demand Management Bootcamp was originally developed over a 6 month period in early 2014, by a team of 30 industry collaborators, who came together to research and develop unique content in the field of Demand Management for a student audience. The content is regularly revised to include the most recent developments in the industry. The aim of the bootcamp is to improve understanding of the 5 unique components of Demand Management (Asset, Demand Generation, Digital Marketing, Demand Optimization & Communication) and how to apply these to a real life case study.

You can learn more about the bootcamp here.

On behalf of the entire team at SnapShot, we look forward to meeting you all and to a successful week of Demand Management.



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